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Nola Dinner


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Nola Dinner

Michelle Mannix

Cook Space was thrilled to host our very first private event with LeadDog Marketing Group!

LeadDog’s Fierce Five Dinner honored their staff who’ve been with them for five years or more. We transported them to the big easy with Nini’s amazing New Orleans menu.  (Did we mention she’s from there?)

Cocktail hour included sazerac cocktails, fried okra, fried green beans, boudin balls pimento cheese and seasonal crudité

The dinner, served family style featured chicken under a brick with creole seasoning and maple glaze, Blackened fish with shrimp etouffe, Corn maque choux (creole version of succotash) Spinach salad with bacon and sherry cane vinaigrette and strawberry birthday cake and beignets.

We all had a blast!

Of course in the spirit of using what you have we hosted our second class the following evening featuring New Orleans Cuisine!  The menu was shifted to include Gumbo and green beans almondine in addition to the Nini’s famous Chicken.