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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | Our Scrumptious September Schedule


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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | Our Scrumptious September Schedule

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Ah, September - a time where the sadness of the summer’s end is only partly mollified by a slightly less sweaty subway ride. Instead of spending too much time mourning beach season, we’re choosing to see this as a new beginning, and have added a slew of absurdly wonderful new classes to our roster, from now to the end of the year (so get your holiday season scheduled early!)

We’re also beyond excited to be expanding our Cook Space team! As our community grows, we’re on the hunt for more Culinary Instructors - check out the details here and see if you think you’d like to join our fabulous little food family.


From bagels to donuts, to the classic NYC slice, we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to eating options. There are times, however, when the temperature dips and we feel a little wanderlust for faraway climes so, when we can’t afford a flight, we turn to the kitchen table to serve our taste buds a well earned trip around the world. Whether we’re channeling our love of all things Osakanwith our Bento Box and Japanese Street Food classes, or spicing up the season with Szechuan Cuisine or our Taste of Mexico City class, our Winter is starting to look a whole lot warmer.


This month can be a manic one as we reacquaint ourselves with our work desks and a deluge of To-Dos , which means we need to be much more mindful about carving out some r&r. And while we’re no strangers to the fabulous Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s new-ish favorite form of making “me-time”, we prefer to use cooking as our cathartic escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. So, whenever you catch yourself succumbing to the September scaries, put down your phone, pop on your apron and say it with us… ahhhhh.


The changing of the seasons is glorious, regardless of your zip code, but fall is particularly fabulous up here in the NorthEast. We celebrate this transition as an opportunity to renew our goalsshed societal expectations and that which no longer serves us, and explore the new and beautiful bounty the earth has on offer, and though we may no longer be able to stuff our faces with late summer stone fruit, we cannot wait to dive headfirst into pumpkin pie season.


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