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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | Stay-in Supper Season


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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | Stay-in Supper Season

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Image by Julia Stolz.

Image by Julia Stolz.

Sweater weather seems to have come early this year (not that we’re complaining) and the changing of the seasons (and impending changing of the guard) is giving us new life as we shed our summer skin (read: as our tans fade and we embrace hairy leg season). We’re facing fall re-energized, re-fuelled, and re-invigorated by the folksyoung and old, making meaningful change across industries and political divides.

So whether it’s your wardrobe, your workplace, or your perspective that’s changing, make your September shift one for the better. 



For more information or to apply to the role of Culinary Instructor - check out the details here

Queen of Englandqueen of comedy and queen of our hearts, Olivia Colman can do no wrong. Owning the Vogue October cover, “Collie” displays the telltale renegade rambunctiousness that’s been key to her success, eschewing, like us, the restriction of recipes, both in life and art, choosing instead to gauge the readiness of her meringues by whether they look “present”, rather than perfect. And, as powerful women all around us tackle challenges, others won’t touch, we too, embrace failures as fuel for the future, a platform from which to plan with real purpose.

For us, the dining table is a place around which culture and comfort can be shared in equal measure. Whether you’re finding Italy in East Williamsburg, or faraway flavors under the guidance of immigrant home cooks, or simply in our skylit dining room, celebrating crave-able classics in our Latin American Street Food class, and foreign favorites in our Japanese Bento Box course - ours is a city that cherishes the world and its myriad magical cultures, where we can explore the exotic and the familiar, without ever leaving the borough limits.

It’s been well documented that our environments and surroundings have huge impacts on our outlook and energies. Whether our daydreams are of ornate opulence or open-aired simplicity, we at Cook Space are fortunate to get to work, play and create in an environment designed specifically to inspire creativity and spark joy. Judge for yourself - spend five weeks with us for our Culinary Confidence series, or just one evening for a personal pizza party and see if you don’t find your soul expanding with your appetites.


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