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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | P E R S P E C T I V E S | the pursuit of self

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A   J O U R N E Y    T O   M I N D F U L N E S S

We are so blessed to have a community of strong, inspiring women around us, able to recognize the virtue of vulnerability, and open to sharing their stories and lessons they've accrued upon their journeys. Today, the bold and beautiful Olivia Dillingham, dear friend and an integral component of the design and development of  Life Beyond the Recipe, shares with us how she came to discover Mindfulness, and how she applies these practices in both her work and home life.

As you peruse our journal, take a gander at our upcoming Kitchen Table Conversations, where we'll explore new mindsets and ideas on how we navigate this wild and wonderful world, all in the comfort of beautiful studio dining room. We cannot wait to see you!

From all of us here, 

H A V E    A    B E A U T I F U L    W E E K E N D