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COOK SPACE FRIDAY FEELS | An August for Good Eats

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The NYC restaurant industry has seen a fair few moving boxes of late, as a food dynasty duo parts ways , another joins forces and a West Coast transplant announces her return to her East Coast stomping grounds. And for us, after just packing up a few of our must have kitchen tools for our sensational inaugural pop up on the North Fork last weekend, our August pop up events have already been billed as a top pick for how to spend your last weeks of summer. 

This week was doubly divine, as we celebrated the birth of the beautiful and badass boss babe that is Michelle Mannix. As a female founder, changing the way we think about how we feed ourselves and the ones we love, Michelle has been busting through industry barriers with her telltale generosity, passion and hilarity for decades. For the uninitiated, below are just a few of the reasons we absolutely love her.

Moments with Michelle…


GOOP : My Morning Routine - Farm Fresh Eggs & a Brooklyn Bike Ride…

REMODELISTA: The Effortlessly Cool Chef’s Apartment...

MEDIUM: Embracing Life’s Little Messes…

CHERRY BOMBE: It Ain’t Easy Being a Small Business Owner…


Kitchen conversations this week…


From our perspective, all that the instant pot craze feeds is a culture of convenience, but the double boiler, an apparatus that breathes new life into much loved leftovers, is an apparatus we can get behind.


Fear of fish preparation can mean we often stick to what we knowand what’s common. To broaden your seafood skills, join us for ourSushi Making class, our Fish Fry Fish 101 or Salmon Butchery + Cookery class (can you tell we’re pretty fond of fish?)


Afropunk, the annual festival of black music and culture flagged as “a tapestry of indulgences” returns August 24th, and we’re salivating over their lineup of tunes and tasty treats which include FKA Twigs and Cachapas y Mas.


If you can’t make it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Cafeteria between now and Labor day to sample the Katz’ pastrami pop up, don’t despair. Our Jewish Deli Favorites class will surely satiate your love for lox.


The Melting Pot, a foundation built to drive social progress and combat poverty through culinary initiatives is yet further evidence that food can create change.


While Red Lobster’s new Gluten Free Cheddar Bar Biscuit Mix may seem appealing, we’re pretty confident our Ayurvedic Brunch andGluten Free Italian classes will leave both your belly and your taste buds much happier.


As we make plans to sustain Summer for as long as possible with our September 6th Oysters and Rose class, we’re excited to see the number of women changing the game in oenology.


Our Feasting the North Fork Event on August 17th in beautiful Orient, features a build your own summer bites bar, giving you the chance to test the accuracy of your August Tomato-scope.


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