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CULINARY CONFIDENCE | 5-week series | Starting Tuesday January 8th



Cook Space hosts a variety of classes for every level of cooking featuring our hands on approach. Private instruction also available in our studio or in your home.  

Taught by Cook Space Founder, Michelle Mannix, and Culinary Director, Chef Nini, this signature class guides 12 guests through a 4-5 course dinner driven by the seasonal ingredients and the principle of cooking from a place of improvisation, instinct, and joy.

With guidance from your culinary coaches, you’ll have set time to brainstorm, prep, produce, and plate, as you become familiar with complimentary flavor profiles in your approach to your dishes.

The group will dine together in the dining atelier enjoying each other’s creations, learning from their fellow students, asking questions of the instructors all while enjoying a beautifully prepared dinner with wine and community.

CULINARY CONFIDENCE | 5-week series | Starting Tuesday January 8th


CULINARY CONFIDENCE | 5-week series | Starting Tuesday January 8th


One year in and we’ve given our signature series in culinary confidence a mini makeover. With a deeper dive into the techniques and approaches used by professional chefs, this five week collection of courses is designed specifically to help you take your investment in yourself and cooking to the next level by removing the often daunting nature of making delicious food, and inspiring (please note these are merely suggestions)  you to explore your own personal tastes and preferences at home. From foundational knife skills and how to develop the perfect hollandaise, to the science of frying everything from schnitzel to churros, we’ll arm you with the fundamental tools to understand, explore, and develop your creativity and confidence in the kitchen. We’ll explore not just the “how” but the “why” behind each technique, allowing you to experiment, play, and cultivate your own signature culinary expression.

Whether you’re a novice cook or complete beginner, we’re here to guide you through the basics and build your culinary confidence so you can identify what tastes good to you and how to apply that at home. And how to help you bring it to life (or integrate it into your life)

During the five weeks our classes will cover the following techniques and topics, among others:

January 8th- Knife Skills

January 15th- Roasting + Baking

January 22nd- Searing + Braising

January 29th- Frying + Steaming

February 5th- Pies + Cakes

As a ‘graduate’ you’ll receive the following year round perks to help you continue to develop your skills and your own culinary journey:

  • 25% discount on all Cook Space classes

  • 2 guest passes for Cook Space classes

  • 2 tickets for any Kitchen Table Conversation workshop

** Please note that all class sales are final**

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