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After the bittersweet closing of Ted & Honey café and Parker Red culinary events, Michelle, one of the co-founders and sister to Ted, began developing a book idea and realized for her what was missing in the expansive and evolving world of food was certainly not interest – but confidence in the kitchen.  And that our culinary confidence had been hijacked by the culture of food, and that the missing ingredient wasn’t another recipe but rather a new mindset, and strategies used in professional kitchens were the key.


The result is the upcoming book tentatively titled, A New Mindset in the Kitchen.  Develop your culinary confidence and ignite your instincts with strategies and insights from professional kitchens.

 Cook Space is the studio born from the book - inspiring our guests to prioritize and develop a relationship to food and cooking, develop a mindset for success, increase their confidence, skills, and JOY in the kitchen.

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Ted & Honey was founded by brother and sister duo Michelle Mannix and Chris “Ted” Jackson in the summer of 2008. T&H quickly became a staple in the picturesque neighborhood of Cobble Hill, known for its killer egg sandwiches, baked goods and relaxed and cozy environment. Everything was made from scratch using as many local and sustainable sources as possible. Ted & Honey was a proud recipient of the Snail of Approval, by the NY Slow Food chapter for quality, authenticity and sustainability of the food supply of the City of New York.