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603 Bergen Street
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The Cook Space Philosophy

“Feeding people graciously and lovingly is one of life’s simplest pleasures a most basic way of making life better for someone, at least for a while.” Anna Thomas


Our classes are designed to inspire, not intimidate, and each is structured to arm you with the fundamental tools you’ll need to empower you to expand your culinary practice with joy and confidence in your own home.


We believe that cooking is creative, and that It's an imaginative, joyful and experimental act .  When you can let go of recipes and lose yourself in the creative, improvisational, grounding act of cooking - you can cook from a place of instinct, intuition and joy!  We believe the best way to get there is learning by doing, using what you have and what’s in season. For this reason, our classes are almost entirely free from the restriction of traditional recipes, and are instead led under the guidance from our highly skilled team of instructors.


From the sweet toothed to the spice seekers among us, we all have preferences of palate, a fact we celebrate and encourage in our kitchen. Cooking is a deeply personal practice, and one of the primary ways we display love both to ourselves, and those to those around us. During your time with us at Cook Space, you’ll deepen your relationship to food and cooking, through playful exploration and freedom of culinary expression.


Each class culminates in a fabulous feast in our beautiful, intimate dining space, replete with vinyl record player and skylight to set the perfect scene for enjoying the fruits of your labor. For us, the act of creating the meal is just as important and joyous as the act of sharing it.   Our studio was designed with love and care to create a celebratory environment that not only makes our students feel  comfortable and at home, but also inspired and emboldened to experiment beyond our studio doors..

“The kitchen is an awesome playground. It’s a place for you to experiment, to love, to takes those risks, to push the button, to push the envelope.” - Barbara Lynch