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WME x CSB Menu


Whole Wheat Muffin- walnut and fig $2



French Onion (contain beef stock and dairy)

Spinach, Cabbage, & Kale Salad - shaved parmesan, pickled golden beets, and croutons

-choice of cider-dijon dressing or balsamic vinaigrette

add grilled chicken or turmeric cauliflower $2

Protein Bowl $8 quinoa, cannellini beans, dahl, peas, mint and lime

add grilled chicken or turmeric cauliflower $2

Rice Bowl $8 roasted squash and fennel, parsley, and lemon

add grilled chicken or turmeric cauliflower $2

Chicken Wrap $8 - sriracha aioli, shredded carrot, daikon, cilantro


Mint and Maple Syrup $3.5


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